How To Connect vMix To Facebook?

vMix has become a go-to software for live video production, allowing creators to seamlessly switch between cameras, graphics, and other sources. But what if you want to share your vMix magic with the world? Here’s where Facebook Live comes in, offering a platform to broadcast your productions directly to a vast audience. This guide dives deep into connecting vMix to Facebook Live, empowering you to stream like a pro.


Before hitting that “go live” button, ensure you have the following:

  • vMix Software: Download and install the latest version of vMix on your computer. You can find free and paid versions depending on your needs.
  • Facebook Account: You’ll need a Facebook account with access to live streaming features. Make sure your account is in good standing and hasn’t violated any community guidelines.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Live streaming requires a reliable internet connection with sufficient upload speed. A wired connection is highly recommended for optimal performance.
  • Video Capture Card (Optional): If your camera doesn’t have a direct HDMI output, you’ll need a capture card to convert the signal for your computer.
  • Camera(s): DSLR, camcorder, or even a high-quality webcam can be used as your video source.
  • Cables: Depending on your camera and capture card setup, you might need HDMI cables, SDI cables, or USB cables.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with vMix’s interface and basic functionalities before proceeding. Practice adding video sources, transitions, and audio within vMix to ensure a smooth workflow during your live stream.

How To Connect vMix To Facebook?

Making the Connection: vMix Meets Facebook Live

Now that you’re prepped, let’s bridge the gap between vMix and Facebook Live:

  • Log in to Facebook: Head over to Facebook and log in to your account with live streaming permissions.
  • Navigate to Live Producer: Click on “Create” in the top navigation bar and select “Live Video.” This will take you to the Facebook Live Producer dashboard.
  • Schedule Your Stream (Optional): You can choose to “Go Live Now” or schedule your stream for a specific date and time. Scheduling allows you to build anticipation and promote your live event beforehand.

Configure Your Stream Settings:

  • Privacy: Choose who can see your stream – public, friends, or specific groups.
  • Title & Description: Craft an enticing title and description to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Thumbnail (Optional): Upload a thumbnail image that visually represents your stream.
  • Connect to Streaming Software: Click on “Streaming Software” under “Advanced Settings.” Here’s where vMix comes in!

Connecting vMix to Facebook Live:

  • Open vMix Settings: In vMix, go to “Settings” (gear icon in the bottom right corner) or press the “S” key on your keyboard.
  • Select “Streaming” Tab: Click on the “Streaming” tab within the vMix settings menu.
  • Choose “Facebook” Destination: Under “Destination,” select “Facebook” from the list of available streaming platforms.
  • Enter Stream Key: Copy and paste the Stream Key obtained from the Facebook Live Producer dashboard into the “Stream Key” field in vMix. Your Stream Key acts like a unique identifier for your live stream on Facebook.
  • Configure Additional Settings (Optional): vMix provides options to adjust resolution, bitrate, and frame rate for your stream. These settings depend on your internet upload speed and desired video quality. Research recommended settings for Facebook Live streams to optimize performance.
  • Save and Close: After configuring your settings, click “Save” and close the vMix settings window.

Tip: Test your connection before going live! Click the “Preview Stream” button in Facebook Live Producer. This will simulate a live stream and help you identify any potential technical hiccups.

With the connection established, you’re ready to take center stage:

  • Start Your Stream in vMix: Click the red “Start” button in the vMix program window to begin sending your video feed to Facebook Live.
  • Go Live on Facebook: Once your vMix feed appears in the Facebook Live Producer preview window, click “Go Live” to start broadcasting to your audience.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Use the chat feature in Facebook Live Producer to interact with your viewers, answer questions, and build a connection.
  • End Your Stream: When you’re finished, click “End Stream” in Facebook Live Producer. This will stop the broadcast on Facebook and vMix.

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